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22 August 2008

Blues #21: Secret Janis Joplin | A Copywriter's Blues

by AAA Copywriter (via)
Most of us have seen her astonishing performances, from Monterey to Woodstock, many still own her albums, two with Big Brother & The Holding Company, three on her own, ant the endless number of posthumous ones and bootlegs. some have ever seen "Janis", the film. But who was she really? This documentary tells us some about the secret Janis Joplin.

19 August 2008

Promoting A Copywriter's Blues | A Copywriter's Blues

by AAA Copywriter (via)
How good is Facebook as a promotion support? Here are the first results of my "social media marketing experiment": in promoting A Copywriter's Blues trough a group on Facebook....

10 August 2008

A Copywriter's Blues on Facebook

by AAA Copywriter (via)
A Copywriter's Blues ( ) becomes a Facebook group

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