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13 December 2006 16:45

by claus1960 (via)
Mobile portal with detailed descriptions of free international financial WAPsites. Categories: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, France - Low Countries, Scandinavia, Southern Europe, America, Asica, Australia - Africa, Currencies - Forex. WAP emulators and browsers. Financial Sudoku with currency symbols (free pdf download). Mobile access via WAP (OTA, over the air):

by claus1960
Mobile Portal with finest selection of free international WAPsites (Asian Philosophy, Castles, Animal Signs, Martial Arts, Nature, Religion). Free mobile wallpapers (. Categories: Traffic news, Weather, Mobile Office, Events, Taxi, Petrol Stations, Shopping, Restaurants & Food, Hotels, Travel, Health, Religion, Schedules (Bus, Trains), Airlines & Airports, Sports - Outdoor, Games & Downloads, Cinema - Movies - TV, News (General), News (WAP, mobile), Dicitionaries, Read & Fun, Science - Learning, Stock Markets, Currencies, huge SEO section, Free Japanese Language Resources (JLPT, Kanji Crossword Puzzles, Online Match Games). WAP browsers & emulators. Mobile Access via WAP (OTA, over the air):

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