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5 Design Decision Styles. What's Yours?

by greut (via)

In our research, we found that the most effective teams were skilled in all five styles, choosing the style that best fit the needs and goals of a project. For example, they might concurrently be involved in deep research on a User-Focused project, while relying on their experience for a Genius designed project, and spend a little time whipping out some one-shot functionality whose results would be Unintended Design.

Since the teams are working with different styles all the time, does it matter? Our research says it does. The teams that produced the best experiences knew these styles well and how to quickly switch between them. They knew when they needed to go whole hog and pull out all the stops for a User-Focused style project, while also knowing when it was important to bang out a quick design, knowing the results would essentially be unintended. Those teams had a rich toolbox of techniques and a solid understanding on how and when to use them.

There is no silver bullet.



Usages et Conceptions Numériques

by j_c
Un blog sur l'innovations dans le domaine des nouvelles technologies. Ce blog est tenu par jean-charles LABAS

IE7: Were they ready?

by sigriffin & 1 other (via)
12.7 million websites are in need of a little TLC as a result of the introduction of IE7!

关于RSS阅读习惯的小调查 - Herock Post

by jackiege
微软研究院的吕昊,通过keso的介绍,下午到公司,给我做了一个历时一小时的“User Research of RSS Reading”, 前半部分是用户习惯的观察

UI设计的定义以及定位 - 第8音

by jackiege
界面设计(UI Design),交互设计(interactive design),可用性研究(usability research),人力因素(human factors),信息结构工程师(information architect)

Human Factors

by antoniomokarzel & 1 other
Usability consulting and training with Human Factors International--ensuring user satisfaction through user-centered design, human factors, and software ergonomics

把User Center Design注入软件开发?Why not? - BLOG @ GE Online

by jackiege

雅虎网站项目工作流程 - 一葉の千鳥

by jackiege

抓虾四定理及其推论 - 邦比快跑

by jackiege


by jackiege
ISO 13407 国际标准,标题为 human-centred design processes for interactive systems。下文中将从一般意义上对这些标准及其相关问题进行讨论。

UE——用户体验 | CNBRUCE

by jackiege

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