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World of Warcraft / The Burning Crusade

by access2
World of Warcraft is a very popular MMORPG and the Burning Crusade is their first expansion module. This page contains links to the Blizzard Entertainment FAQ pages in Europe (The U.S. pages are generally bogged down by excessive traffic. ) It has recieved a lot of traffic, but absolutely NO sales, so there will be no Wrath of the Lich King "lens" from me.

Stupid Squidoo Tricks - Publicize Your Lenses

by access2
Due to the current economic downturn, I've been dusting off my neglected Squidoo "lenses" (articles). This one reminded me why I changed over to blogspot in the first place. Virtually any creative means of publicizing your pages can and most probably will be declared "illegal" by Squidoo. (The word is prohibited.) Other sites manage to create acceptable use policies and stick to them.

Squidoo Workshop 101 - SEO for Beginners

by access2
Choosing the right keywords, then writing a great headline and lead paragraph are essential elements of search engine optimization. Learn how to get targeted traffic on your website or blog by following these easy guidelines.

Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini

by access2
Since Squidoo insists that we "respect everyone," all I can say is that Il Duce had a lot in common with today's "hip-hop" Republicans. Obviously, that's a good thing!

Squidoo Lens Directories

by access2
Thanks to Diggit-clone software, a lot of rankable directories are appearing, including some exclusively for Squidoo lenses. They're great places to promote your lenses. Many thanks to the lensmasters featured here for bringing them to my attention.

Write Squidoo Lenses for Fun and Profit

by access2
It's easy to sign up with Squidoo. Just enter your name and e-mail, pick a Squidoo username and password, then verify that you are not a 'bot by copying a "security word" from the screen display. Takes about two minutes.

The Real Captain Squid

by access2
Captain Squid may or may not have first appeared in Captain Squid #1 (1939) a comic which may or may not have been published by Bongo, but certainly not in 1939. Usually reliable sources insist that Captain Squid first appeared in Radioactive Man in his capacity as part of the Superior Squad. Pesonally, I'm still searching for that extremely rare Captain Squid #1


The Ever Project

by lukeslytalker
Just pick a superlative from the menu below, add your keyword and go

Surf Your Way With Squidoo UnderGround Tactics

by roiclicks
There are some things you need to know if you intend to market your products and services on Squidoo and make your marketing effective and profitable.

SEO Today on Squidoo

by lukeslytalker & 1 other
The world of search is constantly changing. Are you changing along with it? If not, you may find that what helped you yesterday hurts you today. As such, it is important (indeed, crucial) to stay abreadst of the latest theories and practices that...

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