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There will not be a VMforce

by night.kame

The failure of  the VMforce project and the partnership is a warning message to VMware and other vendors,  that a strategy of a cloud enabler can be difficult: the partners that are essential for the success of such policy might decide to be competitors at some point (early or late) in the partnership.

Et nouveau revers pour les Springueux... ce n'est pas grave, ils trouveront toujours une nouvelle opportunité pour faire du bloatware.


Why @Inject is a bad idea

by night.kame

Recently the JSR for standardizing injection annotations was announced. I think the proposal is going in the wrong direction, and would like to outline why in this post.


The Aquarium: News from the GlassFish Community

by night.kame

SpringSource has announced the acquisition of G2One the Groovy and Grails specialist company. Congrats to both! [...] Maybe SpringSource will be able to finish JSR 241? It has been more than 4 years since the EG formed...

La bonne blague !

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