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02 May 2008 10:15

I’m a Linkin Park Fan

by Madhu
Linkin Park is a truly unique band. They are not just Rock, Rap, or Electronica band. They compromise of a veritable mixture of different styles and stylists in music, this makes them a hybrid in the type of music they play and their fan-base too. I am true lover of Linkin Park Linkin Park’s origin began in 1996 when rapper guitarist Brad Delson and the in famouis Mike Shinoda started a band called Xero. Other members of the band were Mark Wakefield the vocalist, Joseph Hahn the DJ, Rob Bourdon the drummer, and “Phoenix” Farrell the bassist. Xero made a four track demo tape including: Fuse, Stick N’ Move, Rhinestone, and Reading My Eyes.

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