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Storz and Bickel Volcano Herbal Vaporizer

by access2
Herbal vaporizers can be used in smoking cessation, administration of medical marijuana, or a variety of other uses. Instead of heating plant materials to their ignition point and burning them at even higher temperatures, these devices heat the herbs to something just above the boiling point -- about 235 degrees. This not only extracts more of the active component, but does so without producing the harmful -- even toxic -- pyrolytic by-products such as tars and carbon monoxide.


what to expect when you quit smoking

by denmx, 1 comment
Most smokers sincerely want to quit. They know cigarettes threaten their health, set a bad example for their children, annoy their acquaintances and cost an extravagant amount of money.

6 tips on how to quit smoking

by denmx
After 1 year off cigarettes, the excess risk of heart disease and sudden death caused by smoking is reduced by half.

How to Quit Smoking Naturally Part III: Identify & Prepare for Your Triggers

by cybereel
Now you are ready to move on to the next action item in the process of quitting smoking: Create a list of strategies to beat the cravings. You must prepare for the obstacles. There are two types of addiction that you must cater for: the biological addiction to nicotine and the behavioral addiction to smoking.

Learn 2 Quit Smoking

by lov3cake (via)
Smoking and breastfeeding are bad for mom and baby

How to quit smoking

by clerk
How to quit smoking. "NoSmokingNO" is a blog about people who want stop smoking. Here only real, working methods quit smoking. Repeat it day after day : i can quit smoking, you can quit smoking, we can quit smoking :)

Quit Smoking Now: Reasons to Stop Smoking and Products that Will Help

by JuliaPoynter
Perhaps the best way to stop smoking is by quitting cold turkey. Unfortunately, this is difficult and often irritating for smokers. For this reason, people who want to quit smoking must rely on today's smoking cessation products. There are a number of them on the market. Each has its own list of negatives and positives.

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