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01 January 1970 01:00

Dell - Support

by isolabig
Microsoft® Windows® XP Reinstall Guide [ All Desktops and Portables ]<br /> <br /> This is a step-by-step Troubleshooting Wizard. Use the options below to navigate.<br /> <br /> STEP: Restore the system to the Dell factory installation (PC Backup).<br /> <br /> NOTICE: To help prevent further complications, it is important to disconnect the system's modem or network cable before starting the restore process.<br /> <br /> To restore the system to the Dell factory installation using PC Backup, perform the following steps:<br /> NOTE: PC Backup is available on Dimension and Inspiron systems that shipped on or after 18 Oct. 2005 in the Americasand 18 Feb. 2006 in Europe.<br /> <br /> 1. Power the computer on.<br /> 2. When the Dell screen appears press and hold the <Ctrl> key on the keyboard, press the <F11> key, then release them both at the same time.<br /> The Starting Symantec|Dell Recovery Environment screen appears. <br /> <br /> NOTE NOTE: Press the keys one time only. If you press them more than once, a keyboard error occurs and the process has to be initiated again.<br /> <br /> 3. Once the End User License Agreement appears, Click the Accept button or press the <Enter> key to indicate your acceptance of the End User License Agreement.<br /> The Symantec Recovery Disk window appears.<br /> 4. Click on the Recover My Computer to Original Dell Configuration button or press <Tab> until Recover My Computer to Original Dell Configuration is highlited and press <Enter>.<br /> 5. The Recover My Computer Wizard dialog box appears. Click Yes or press the <Tab> key and press <Enter>.<br /> 6. A second Recover My Computer Wizard dialog box appears. Click Yes or press the <Tab> key and press <Enter> to start the recovery process.<br /> The Ghost32 8.2 window appears. Once the process is begun, it usually takes only 8 to 10 minutes to complete.<br /> When the restore is complete, the system will restart<br /> <br /> Your software is now as it was when you first received your computer.<br /> <br /> NOTE: <br /> <br /> After the Operating System has been restored, it is important to run Windows Update as soon as possible, to bring the system to the latest level of security.<br /> <br /> For more information on running Windows Update and securing your system, refer to the following article:<br /> <br /> 133122 - How Can I Prevent Internet Attacks on my Dell™ Computer?

Portal d`emprenedors - Administration [Mambo]

by isolabig
Copyright 2000 - 2005 Miro International Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.<br /> Mambo is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL License.

Be smarter at work, slack off - Mar. 17, 2006

by isolabig
Be smarter at work, slack off<br /> In a world of too much work and too much multitasking, the best way to beat the competition may be to do less.

Install a touchscreen for Linux

by converter & 1 other
How to set up and configure a PSOne LCD with touchscreen input.

CSS Beauty - SkillShare - 12 CSS Articles/Tricks of 2005 (one for each month)

by converter & 15 others
The list is quite nice and provides links to articles that cover some of the tricky things that can be achieved using CSS.

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