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23 October 2009 10:00

Prix Europa: Emerging Media

by HK
Key words this year: - database projects (videos but not only (archives being multimedia) - contributions from users - long term approach of web project compared to short term tv - educational / youth approach on the web - graphic design is key - (even for back-office !) Lovely site from Litvia produced by interesting web agency Metropolis nice doc series Really from scratch-made website on music instruments missed this ones: - (debate on internet cultural practices...) - (3D kind of video player interface) feedback on The BIg Issue - text - text - text - positive on design ! - photo / video not immersive ?! by BBC - ++ on creating on editing software - for me it is "emerging media" - "content is only valuable if you can build upon it"


by HK
New educational website in Holland published by Sound and Vision, the A/V archive institution. Huge archive. ED*IT benefited from feedback from previous project Teleblik: - more ressources (audio, photos with videos) - ways to edit the materials - upload new content Teaccher and Students can prepare online multimedia presentations using ED*IT and a personnal workplace dealing with selected files from inside and outside the archive.

23 October 2009 09:00

Web site development, flash web pages, flash games, animation, information systems > Cube

by HK
creating web solutions for advertising needs developing web applications to understand and communicate what is most important to craft creative concepts that convince, express and entertain to mold these concepts into advanced, high-quality solutions, making the end result refined and distinctive


by HK
Another annoying music talent project although they really did a huge effort on building an interactive flash game with multiple parts / mini-games, karaoke and track mixes... A few facts and ideas emerging from this still: - the web audience reached TV weekly audience (in number of visits - not lenght though) - google map is definitely being used widely by many public service website

MusicStar, Musicstar

by HK
Another annoying music talent project. A few facts and ideas emerging from this still: - the web audience reached TV weekly audience (in number of visits - not lenght though) - google map is definitely being used widely by many public service website

23 October 2009 08:00

BBC - Britain From Above

by HK & 3 others
by Nick Catliff, Ex Prod for Lion Television. A 9-month project. Striking videos of jet flying over country side + gps visuals = more 100 videos. As Nick says, it is indeed not a simple program supported pgm - just not very much more to me. Still an amazing website. Amazing video of commercial ship gps tracked routes across the Manche not even talking about flight routes. Good idea of mashing up with archive content to adress history of Britain. But as he bragged about with merit, webdesign are maybe the most intersting part of this website. Does not make it anything more than a great a TV program based site. Anyway, if anything, it is about extremely entertaining and beautiful HD aeria footage and linear video datavizualition graphics. no discussion ! no interactive graphics for gps without enough ressources. "you can watch it for fun. Or with purpose. From day 1, a 360 project - multiproject A tv show = 5 million views a web show = more but for 10 years

Minitz | SWR Kindernetz | Kindernachrichten | Nachrichten für Kinder

by HK
Avatar based news cast with totally integrated flash back-office and voice recognition. Kids can also create their own avatar and publish his own news beat.

22 October 2009 10:00

BBC - Languages - Spanish - Mi Vida Loca

by HK
Presented by Mick Webb, editor at You sit down and you take part in interactive POV drama made to learn spanish. Interesting flash player. 10 hours of video drama 22 hours of educational content progressiv download in Flash simultaneous subtitles in both englsih and spanish an accompanying language teacher is lauched before any interaction with character 3 professional actors a narrator Cheesy music, sexy investigative journalist Sometimes, the narrator is inviting you to stop the video and click on elements of the image and understand the definition. - 500 K Euros total budget 15-45 K users a week 600 K uk visites so far 180 K watched episode 1 - 18 K episode 22 Potential enhancements - full-screen available - ok - 3 TV versions - ok - Tracking progress - UGC - too complicated - lessons for mobile - part 2 Lessons

22 October 2009 09:00

Startseite: WDR Klangkiste

by HK
A fun portal showcasing basic overview of instruments and music styles. An interesting use of grid like présentation of all vignettes 66 cards of instruments / type of concert assembles / technical staff with audio samples and fancy graphic design. 7-10 years Too bad the sound design is so annoying. You know this type of sounds that play all the time when you mouse over a button or any image. Here, there is lik eone sound on every damn pixel so anywhere you put your mouse, there is a sound playing making a noisy cacophonie like someone was testing all instruments at once. Nice use of short stop maotion effects and édit on vidéos to présenting the musicians. Quiet créative and entertaining but generally, you feel very far away from the instruments. You would want to try sounds and tunes. They actually have the idea of creating a virtual practicing room - 1’ video format - Memory games - Interactive music playing games (using interactive video technics)

Mémoire d'une Nation

by HK
Gathering testimonies of witnesses of historical moments. To reate a common database of oral history projects. - multilanguage - organized by anniversary dates - login : prix.europe pass : berlin - used by academics, journalists, and a radio pgm based on this website 400 visit / day – 10 000 / month

21 October 2009 14:00

RTÉ: Red

by HK
Presented by Aaron Heffernan fro RTE public television. Lonely girl and the brittney guy like project from Irish public television service. Very well made though. Very effective and smart. Hiring famous youtubers to gather their audience and bring it to another stage of viewership. Teanegers like to vote 100th most subscribed channel in the world on youtube 50% of audience is Irish Cheap as meantioned : 60 K Euros for 15 min/week X 35 weeks


by HK
A newly developped time-and context-driven hyper-video player that provides additional information on the eponymous, weekly showing TV magazine show. A year to produce the player. Example, if you have a doc on Mohammed Ali, and you want to have more information on his childhood while a corresponding sequence is played, the user can click on the "hotspot" to hyperlink to related materials (print, radio...). A functionality already featured on youtube only more journalistic centric and not video only-focused. They also added a anchor shot on blue screen to introduce the subjects featured. It really gives a TV channel feel of it. Suprisingly enough, they never considered embeding the player outside...and the links are limited to the website itself - no outside links possible.

21 October 2009 12:00

Web-Duell 2009 - Streitthemen im neuen Bundestag

by HK
A great idea. A simple idea and great so you can watch what they say... An online debate platform on politician promises on the specific issue of job losses. An objective : create transparency. An effective approach : simple infterface fits on one page, a 3 step approach. Presented by Stephanie Jost (news editor at ARD) and Sven Hoffmann ( In the end, you can confront 2 dutch politicians through screening both their point of view on a split screen using voice recognition to make meta-tagging out of hundreds of videos selected from 50 news TV and radio pgm. According to a German user who seemed to like the project : "With the internet (...) every one as immediate and direct control on information without censorship". A little dead-end project.

Barn i Europa - Mega - UR

by HK
Educational website for 5th grade swedish kids (5th grade - 10-11 years old): To be used as a complement tool in the classroom to understand living conditions in Europe / geography / basic facts. - interactive game to place countries on a map - linked to short vudei portraits and profile page of the country - 6 hours of TV documentary used showcasing 27 countries 21 K euros budget (for the website only)

In Europa (In Europe)

by HK
presented by Geert-Jan Strengholt. Google very well made maps geolocolized and timeline integrated menu for doc series on the history of Europe. Total budget 160 K euros. Included into a big series...

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