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Patrick Schmidt | Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle -

by yogilou
My research mainly focuses on materials used for lithic raw material by prehistoric and protohistoric groups. This approach is based on mineralogy, crystallography and materials science but answers to specific archaeological questions. Main interests include raw material transformation by heat treatment and raw material provenance. During my doctoral research, I proposed a new model of the heat induced transformations in flint that can be achieved by heat treatment. More recently, I am working on the earliest known traces of lithic heat treatment on silcrete in the South African Middle Stone Age, flint heat treatment in the European Upper Palaeolithic and the heat treatment of large flint volumes during the Neolithic of southern France. Further aspects of my work concern the general study of silica-rocks (flint and others), their structure, properties and mineralogy, their adequacy and their quality as lithic raw materials.



la nébuleuse Arte et ses différentes ressources

by fotopol
Ce site est consacré aux ressources audio-visuel, les offres diverses proposées par Arte, à destination des professionnels, les prestation de téléchargement sont payantes mais on a des accès gratuits qui présentent des résumées des sujets.


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