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Gaza Autumn Clouds: Why, how, who?

by sabbah
More than 40 martyr up to date. The world is silent, barefacedly! The Palestinian crime is Fighting Israel OCCUPATION! Israel has killed 2,300 Gazans over the past six years, including 300 in the last four months. Five Israelis were killed during the same period (six years) by Qassam rockets, which Israel is now claiming to put an end to. More disturbing news is the entry into the Israeli government of Avigdor Lieberman, as deputy prime minister. He is a Russian immigrant best known for recommended flooding Egypt by bombing the Aswan Dam and his solution to transfer Palestinians out of Israel so as to create an ethnically pure country. He has advocated death for any Arab members of the Knesset. In any truly democratic country he would be denounced and shunned as a dangerous fascist.

Hamas Suggests Using Militants in Army

by zboog
The leader of Hamas suggested Saturday that the Islamic group could create a Palestinian army that would include its militant wing - responsible for scores of deadly attacks on Israelis - in the aftermath of its crushing victory in parliamentary elections

Update 18: Bush Says U.S. Won't Deal With Hamas -

by zboog
Jolted by Hamas' stunning election victory, President Bush said Thursday the United States will not deal with the militant Palestinian group as long as it seeks Israel's destruction.

Palestinian Premier Resigns as Hamas Claims Victory - Germany

by zboog
Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia resigned to clear the way for Hamas, an Islamic group that has thwarted Middle East peace efforts with squads of suicide bombers, to form the Palestinian Authority's next government.

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