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Perl as a command line utility tool

by ruadrift
Perl as a command line utility tool

Understanding the Command Line (Mar 05)

by ruadrift
[suggested title: ``Understanding the Command line''] In past columns, I've talked a lot about the Perl language, but haven't ever said much about perl at the Unix shell command line. So, let's fix that, by looking at some commonly used command-line constructs for Perl. - Language Software Consulting - Perl One Liners

by ruadrift
Command line Perl scripts for various purposes, such as HTML processing. Many of the examples work on STDIN. FMTYEWTK About Mass Edits In Perl

by ruadrift
"How do you apply an edit against a list of files using Perl?"

Global Search and Replace with Perl

by ruadrift
Global Search and Replace with Perl Manipulate files and streams with arbitrary Perl substitutions, without a script

by ruadrift
collection of one-liners, a part is adapted from such a list by Tom Christianson, one of the authors of "Programming Perl".

Bourne shell idioms

by ruadrift
Text filtering commands


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