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‘Maruki o motte, suigetsu o shire’ --- Knowing the ‘suigetsu’ by the round stick.

by Takwann
( - Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo - Interviews with Nishioka Sensei) I have heard that according to legend, these words come from the enlightenment of Muso Gonnosuke’s (the founder of SMR) pursuit of the warrior path. I think that there is meaning to the formation of this legend (for SMR practioners).


Uchidachi & Shidachi (format PDF)

by Takwann
par Nishioka Tsuneo Le texte qui suit est la traduction d’un chapitre du livre de Nishioka Tsuneo « Budo-teki na Mono no Kangaekata : Shu, Ha, Ri » (La mentalité du Budo : Shu, Ha, Ri).

YouTube - Omote with Nishioka Tsuneo Yasunori

by Takwann (via)
This is a preview of a movie featuring Nishioka Sensei teaching the Omote series of Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo.

Uchidachi & Shidachi

by Takwann (via)
The following text has as its core a translation of a chapter in Nishioka Tsuneo's book Budo-teki na Mono no Kangaekata: Shu, Ha, Ri (Budo Way of Thinking: Shu, Ha, Ri). Direct translations from the Japanese are frequently problematic because of the ambiguity inherent in the traditional Japanese style of essay writing. In order to clarify the author's ideas and best present his thoughts in English, we have supplemented the original text with a series of personal conversations.[1] The result thus intentionally suggests the flavor of teachings passed down from master to disciple.


My Thoughts on Honte and Gyakute - A discussion by Nishioka Sensei. Jodojo 11 Apr 04

by Takwann
This writing describes the terms “Junte” and “Gyakute”, and in Iaido the corresponding terms are “Juntou” and “Sakatou”. In Jodo we have “Honte” which corresponds to “Kirite” in Kendo. These words are different for each art. There are 3 ways to take Kamae (or stance) with the hips: front on, side on, and in between. These stances naturally have their own names as well. Particularly in Jodo, there are two ways to grip things - Honte and Gyakute. To understand Honte and Gyakute, one must perfectly explain these things, internalise these techniques, and put them into practice. So even if you understand these words, it is a different matter to be able to perform them properly or not. Matsuoka Sensei wrote in his book that even when one looks up these terms in the dictionary it is still difficult to understand. Since the time I came to comprehend SMR Jodo, I realised the carelessness about these issues (both of my myself and others). Therefore, I would like to explain my style.

Kiri-otoshi and other discussion - Jodojo Nov 04

by Takwann
Interviews with Nishioka Sensei Can you explain about the concept of Kiri-otoshi? Is the concept of Kiri-otoshi wider than the technique of cutting / pushing down the attacking sword? Is there any relation between Kiri-otoshi and Aiuchi? - Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo

by Takwann
The aim of this site is to communicate the ideas and teachings of Nishioka Sensei, providing information about this style of Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo..... that is Sei Ryu Kai.

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