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by jdrsantos is a private project providing free access to Usenet News. The server has a 100MBit connection to several Internet backbones and is integrated into the Usenet via more than 50 peers.

Newzbin - Usenet Search

by jdrsantos & 2 others, the most comprehensive Usenet search that exists on the Internet today.


Tom's Gravity Pages

by jdrsantos
MicroPlanet Gravity(c) the 32-bit Usenet News Reader for Windows 95, 98 and NT. and Super Gravity v2.6 by Al Choy

Newzbin - Usenet Search

by jdrsantos & 8 others, the most comprehensive Usenet search that exists on the Internet today - Furthermore, as creators of the NZB Format, you can be sure that we provide the highest quality NZB files, generated from our index listings. - Solutions for your computer problems

by jdrsantos
This is an archive of newsgroups and mail lists focusing on fresh information technology topics.

Pure Mac: Usenet

by rmaltete & 3 others
utilitaires mac pour usenet

Forums for You - it

by marco.catalloti & 1 other
Forums for you , forums in a simple way


by cyberien
Tangler is an innovative group interaction and communication platform. It's fun, interesting and really useful. We are currently looking for groups of 5-500 to beta test it. If you have a group that needs Tangler and has members who understand what a beta is, then tell us about your group.

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