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Consider defeat …

by Takwann
“In Iaido we always win against enemies” performing a kata slowly or quickly, result is the same … We win. Of course we are alone fighting against imaginary opponents and the scenario (Riai) says we win. How could we loose ? I did not deeply thought about this but writing it down suddenly gave me a strange feeling. Why should we be so sure (reassured) of the encounter result if we really live the kata, if we really live in the moment ?



A Helping hand on your Journey to Success

by jvpro
Do you desire a higher level of success in your life? Are you lost on the highway to success? I understand how you feel cos I've been there before. It's definitely not a great feeling. That's why this site is dedicated to giving you the knowledge and mindsets which will help you make your journey that little bit easier. This site is meant to be a consolidation of knowledge that will give you that extra push in your journey of Personal Development and Success. Carpe Diem ... Seize the Day!


Yahoo! Mindset

by AdverseE & 15 others
A Yahoo! Research Labs demo that applies a new twist on search that uses machine learning technology to give you a choice: View Yahoo! Search results sorted according to whether they are more commercial or more informational (i.e., from academic, non-comm

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