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akihiro kubota

by oqdbpo
algorithmic improvisor / digital materialist

July 2006

alex dragulescu - dynamic for the people

by oqdbpo & 1 other
Alex Dragulescu is a Romanian visual artist whose practice embraces both traditional and new media.

ICC Online | Archive

by oqdbpo
ICC wishes to encourage the dialogue between technology and the arts with a core theme of "communication," thereby building an affluent society for the future. Through such dialogue, it also aims to become a network that links artists and scientists worldwide, as well as a center for information exchange. Since its opening, ICC has been actively introducing media art works which employ the newest electronic technologies such as virtual reality and interactive technology. Special exhibitions which break with conventional frameworks and transcend genres have also been held. However, ICC's activities are not limited to these exhibitions. Through various programs such as workshops, performances, symposiums, NewSchool, and publishing, ICC will continue to introduce new forms of expression and experimental attempts which are unbridled from conventional frameworks, and explore further possibilities of communication.

Setpixel // Index

by oqdbpo & 3 others
Setpixel is a collection of articles written by a small group of like-minded individuals. The general focus of the articles contained in the site are on interactive installations, aesthetics through computation, reactive experiments, creative computer vision, et cetera. The direction of the collection of writings will be affected by the independent opinions and directions of the selected artists. These authors were carefully selected because of their works, thoughts, and outlook on the topics above. If you would like to contribute and feel like you have something to contribute to the viewers, please email us.


by oqdbpo
ISIS Arts develops and manages artist led residencies, exhibitions and events. With an active new media studio, ISIS provides a valuable and exciting environment for the creation of new media artwork.

June 2006

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