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3D Mandelbulb Fractal Ray Tracer • subblue

by rmaltete (via)
3D Mandelbulb Ray Tracer Mandelbulbs are a new class of 3D Mandelbrot fractals. Unlike many other 3D fractals the Mandelbulb continues to reveal finer details the closer you look. This implementation was written as a Pixel Bender filter then ported over to QuartzComposer as a GLSL patch to enable animation. The scripts run on the GPU which makes real-time interactive exploration possible. For more information behind the discovery of the Mandelbulb see the accompanying blog post.


XSLT fractal

by night.kame
XSLT P0w4h! Via le DailyWTF.


Dossier > Les fractales

by fotopol
Les fractales, introduction et bases. Explications avec illustrations

J.P. Louvet : Fractales - Plan

by fotopol
Grand site sur les images fractales. Théorie et démonstrations. De et nombreuses images dans une série de galeries. Images générées avec des programmes différents.


by fotopol
fractales théoriques, très complet avec formules et courbes,extraordinaire travail

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