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by vladil
a household employment matching service, specializes in matching nannies, au pairs, governesses, babysitters and more with families seeking qualified nannies and domestics. Nanny Available also helps families in need of elder care companions and housekeeper. .

Portland Maine

by bl5189e0 & 2 others
information about the maine. maine in portland.

Official Website for lodging packages at the Stone Mountain Arts Center

by bobbybarker
Update: White Mountain concert and lodging packages at the Inn at Crystal Lake and Stone Mountain Arts Center.

MAINE in Portland

by bl100bec
News, Pictures and more. All about the maine.


04.18.06 ME: Gov. Baldacci signs minimum wage bill

by aflciopolitical
AUGUSTA (April 13) - Gov. John E. Baldacci signed LD 235 this afternoon, giving everyone earning minimum wage a pay raise, effective in October. The bill, "An Act to Increase the Minimum Wage," will raise Maine's minimum wage to $6.75 an hour in October 2

04.10.06 ME: Minimum wage increase wins by a vote in House -

by aflciopolitical
AUGUSTA, Maine --A proposal to increase Maine's minimum wage to $7 an hour by October 2007 won approval by a single vote in the Maine House on Monday, but further legislative votes are still pending and prospects for final approval are not guaranteed. Af

04.06.06 ME: House, Senate disagree on minimum wage bill - A.J. Higgins

by aflciopolitical
AUGUSTA - A bill to increase the minimum wage to $7 an hour by Oct. 1, 2007, ran into trouble Wednesday when the House voted 74-66 for an amendment that reduced the increase and delayed its implementation. After defeating an identical amendment presented

03.29.06 ME: Approval for Minimum Wage Increase Pending

by aflciopolitical
A bill to raise the current minimum wage of $6.50 to $6.75 this October and then to $7 in October of 2007 appears to be on its way to final approval after the Senate this week rejected an amendment to add a training wage to the proposal. The amendment, pr

03.23.06 ME: 'Wal-Mart bill' tamed in Augusta

by aflciopolitical
AUGUSTA — The so-called "Wal-Mart bill," which proponents hoped would lead to a tax on big-box retailers that don't offer health insurance to their employees, has been considerably tamed. The amended bill now takes the form of a request for data from th

03.22.06 ME: Wal-Mart bill morphs into information gathering proposal

by aflciopolitical
(March 22, 2006): The so-called Wal-Mart bill, which proponents hoped would lead to a tax on big-box retailers that don’t offer health insurance to their employees, has been considerably tamed to a request for data from the Department of Labor on what p

'Wal-Mart bill' would remove healthcare subsidies

by aflciopolitical
REGIONAL (March 8, 2006): A bill that would look at whether taxpayers are subsidizing large employers in the state by paying for their employees to be on Medicaid – dubbed the Wal-Mart bill – is expected to get a favorable committee review this week d

Maine: Minimum wage bill advances

by aflciopolitical
March 8, 2006 AUGUSTA -- The Maine Senate, voting largely along party lines, gave preliminary approval Tuesday to a bill that raises the state's minimum wage by 50 cents.

Senate Joins House; Votes in Favor of Minimum Wage Hike

by aflciopolitical
The Maine Senate voted to ratchet up the state's minimum wage in two stages from $6.50 to $7.00 an hour by October 2007.

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