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21 June 2006 11:00

elemental links: LogicBlaze FUSE - Open Source SOA Platform

by nhoizey (via)
LogicBlaze, the company behind the (now Apache incubating) ServiceMix ESB and ActiveMQ messaging solution recently announced the availability of FUSE - an Open Source SOA Platform. FUSE is centered on ServiceMix (which I posted on here), aggregating components from several open source projects

InformationWeek | Service-Oriented Architecture | SOA Goes Open Source | avril 10, 2006

by nhoizey (via)
LogicBlaze has launched an integrated suite of open source code that's designed to get businesses started with service-oriented architecture. Called Fuse, it includes several pieces of open source code from the Apache Software Foundation, plus three from the Apache incubator. The claim that all the pieces have matured must take into consideration that incubator projects at Apache aren't yet full-fledged, open source projects; rather, they're getting an organization and community established around a core code donation.

21 June 2006 09:00

LogicBlaze - Software FUSE Features

by nhoizey & 1 other
LogicBlaze FUSE provides a complete runtime environment for SOA, providing a reliable, scalable and manageable environment for orchestrated Web services, composite applications and event-driven business processes across distributed, loosely-coupled systems and services.

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