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OhmyNews International Forum: Some Criticisms

by tsalon
"Will OhmyNews eventually become like the other mainstream media or will it remain faithful to its original agenda? Will the pressure of the big corporations (Samsung, SK Corporation, LG) not overpower the great ideal? Are citizen reporters just another m

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December 2004

獨立媒體 (香港) :: 整合網絡電台力量

by tsalon

獨立媒體 (香港) :: 公民運動與媒體革命

by tsalon
Excellent piece! Background info. on the rise of HK's Indymedia; its mission; critique of HK media; overview of blog culture in HK

Blogs: powerful people, or people power?

by tsalon
The most important story of all, however, is the creation of a collective, emergent view of the world through individual bloggers actions.

November 2004

獨立媒體 (香港) :: 另類媒體與價值(之三)

by tsalon
head of talks about political control of radio waves in hong kong and the goals of his station

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