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by chernobylnews & 4 others
Asus, LG, Mustek, Prestigio, Garmin, EasyGo, TomTom, Easy Touch, ERGO, Mio, Globway, Holux

cGPSmapper - Your Tool For Creating Maps

by nhoizey
cGpsMapper makes it possible to create vector maps which can be uploaded to Garmin GPS receivers.

Garmin s nuviphone brings the smartphone to GPS

by chernobylnews
The iPhone may have Google Maps, but it doesn t rely on real GP� it approximates your location using cell phone towers. And while there are smartphones with GPS out there, none contains a fully-featured GPS device.

Garmin Colorado 400t Review (GPS Magazine)

by nhoizey
Garmin's Colorado is a rugged, waterproof outdoor handheld GPS that can be used for hiking, boating, camping, in the car, or Geocaching.


GPS Leader Garmin May Be Headed In Cell Phone Direction

by kzoo
In a list of the great tech rivalries, it might be time to add Nokia (NYSE:NOK) vs. Garmin.No. 1 cell phone maker Nokia NOK raised eyebrows this month when it announced a big acquisition that encroaches on Garmin amp; - Map your Running Routes. Find Runs. Calculate Calories, Pedometer, Distance, and More.

by lecyborg & 4 others
Mapping and planning your runs has never been easier! Draw your runs, calculate mileage, count calories, share with friends, and much more!

Activity Player API - Garmin Developer

by Xavier Lacot
The Activity Player visualizes an activity that someone has already performed or created. It presents the activity on a map, with a line representing the path.

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