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web os

by zjp510
web os


by zjp510
IDrive-E offers 2GB of free remote backup space without any backup and restore restrictions or bandwidth limits or file type restrictions. Easy and Hands-free Complete, hands-free, automated, remote backups of your files/folders Secure and Reliable World-class infrastructure for the data centers, advanced data encryption High-end Features Versioning, incremental backup, mapped drive backup, sync etc.


by zjp510
Xdrive Features Back up your valuable files - your music, photos and more - automatically. Conveniently access all your files from anywhere. Easily share your files with friends and family. Get 5GB for Free!

Desktop web OS

by zjp510 & 26 others
Desktoptwo is a free web-based desktop or webtop (some call it a WebOS, although we feel that's a bit premature... for now) that mimics the look, feel and functionality of a local computer, all contained within one browser window and fully accessible from any Internet-connected device.



SeeHaHa 我的小电视 我的电视台 播客 播霸

by vsy & 1 other

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