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23 February 2006 16:30

Florida Proposal Modeled After Maryland 'Wal-Mart Law' Introduced

by aflciopolitical
Florida state Sen. Skip Campbell (D) on Tuesday proposed a bill modeled on Maryland's law that requires large employers to spend a certain amount of payroll on health care, the Miami Herald reports. Under the Florida proposal, which is backed by the state

23 February 2006 16:15

New York: FAIR SHARE HEALTH CARE vs. WAL-MART :: ILCA Online :: Making Labor Media a Force to Be Reckoned With

by aflciopolitical
NEW YORK (PAI) – Fresh off its win over Wal-Mart in Maryland, labor’s “Fair Share Health Care” campaign opened in New York in January, as Staate Sen. Diane Savino (D), a longtime AFSCME member, introduced legislation to mandate large firms pay the

State must make health care weasels pay - 02/17/06 - The Detroit News

by aflciopolitical
I t's no secret that America's health care system is broken, and any national solution to this nationwide problem is hopelessly caught in the great legislative traffic jam we call Washington, D.C. But Michigan residents don't have to wait around for help

23 February 2006 16:00

Alaska: Democrat demands Wal-Mart pay fair share of health-care costs

by aflciopolitical
JUNEAU--An Anchorage Democrat is pursing legislation forcing Wal-Mart to pay more for its employee health care. The bill by Rep. Eric Croft requires employers with more than 2,000 workers to spend at least 8 percent of their payroll on employee health

Gregoire pledges a revised "Fair Share" bill next year

by aflciopolitical
Gov. Chris Gregoire pledged Thursday to pass a "perfected" bill next year mandating health care coverage by large employers, just days after a version aimed squarely at Wal-Mart died at the Legislature. Speaking at a meeting of organized labor groups,

23 February 2006 15:45

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 02/17/2006 | Squaring off over health

by aflciopolitical
Powerful retail industry will sue to block minimum spending levels for health insurance in Minnesota BY JULIE FORSTER Pioneer Press Don't look for Minnesota to adopt a Maryland-style law imposing minimum spending levels for health insurance this legi

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