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08 March 2006

Michigan: SENATE BILL No. 734

by aflciopolitical
September 6, 2005, Introduced by Senators BASHAM, CLARK-COLEMAN, JACOBS, THOMAS, SCOTT, BRATER and CLARKE and referred to the Committee on Commerce and Labor.

Michigan: Senate Bill 0734

by aflciopolitical
Sponsors Raymond E Basham - (primary) Irma Clark-Coleman, Gilda Jacobs, Samuel Thomas III, Martha Scott, Liz Brater, Hansen Clarke 2005-2006 session

02 March 2006

Union: Wal-Mart taxed Mich. $23M in 2005

by aflciopolitical
MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich., March 1 (UPI) -- More bad news for Wal-Mart: A Michigan union claims the retailer cost state taxpayers over $23 million in 2005. Michigan's United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 876 said it is spearheading a nationwide

01 March 2006

UFCW Union, Local 876: Wal-Mart's Growing Health Care Crisis Costs Taxpayers Billions

by aflciopolitical
UFCW Union, Local 876: Wal-Mart's Growing Health Care Crisis Costs Taxpayers Billions

23 February 2006

Michigan: Shifting health insurance expense

by aflciopolitical
Michigan could save $100 million a year if it adopted a law similar to one Maryland passed earlier this month that forces Wal-Mart to pay more for its employee health care, proponents of that legislation said.

State must make health care weasels pay - 02/17/06 - The Detroit News

by aflciopolitical
I t's no secret that America's health care system is broken, and any national solution to this nationwide problem is hopelessly caught in the great legislative traffic jam we call Washington, D.C. But Michigan residents don't have to wait around for help

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