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05 April 2006

04.04.06 MA: Mass. to Impose Individual Mandate, Employer Fee to Expand Health Coverage

by aflciopolitical
The Massachusetts House and Senate have passed a landmark plan designed to expand health insurance to most of the state's estimated 500,000 uninsured citizens. The measure requires that all residents and most employers participate in the health insuran

23 March 2006

03.23.06 MA: Letter: Business should pay their fair share

by aflciopolitical
Health-care plan helps the uncompensated care pool. The new drafted compromise health-care proposal, a collaboration with the Senate and the House in consultation with the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, hopefully will bring some equity to the uncompe

10 March 2006

Massachusetts: HB 4479 - Fair Share

by aflciopolitical
HOUSE. . . . . . . No.4479 House bill No. 4463, as changed by the committee on Bills in the Third Reading and as amended and passed to be engrossed by the House. November 3, 2005. In the Year Two Thousand and Five. AN ACT PROMOTING ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE.

08 March 2006

Massachusetts HOUSE, NO. 4479

by aflciopolitical
It looks like the bill has passed both houses but House and Senate still ironing out details

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