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06 April 2006

04.04.06 FL: Bills Try Different Approaches To Providing Insurance

by aflciopolitical
TALLAHASSEE - Fair Share Health Care bills landed in 30 states this year, including Florida, where it hit with a thud. The union-backed health care bill would force large corporations to spend a set percentage of their payrolls on employee health care. Al

05 April 2006

22 March 2006

03.21.06 FL: Labor unions rally for health insurance

by aflciopolitical
Demonstrators from labor unions heckled the powerful president of Florida's biggest business organization Monday at a Capitol rally, which was held to support a plan to make employers provide health-care insurance or contribute to a state fund for coverin

08 March 2006

Florida: SB 1618 - Fair Share Health Care Fund

by aflciopolitical
(Identical to House Bill) GENERAL BILL by Campbell Fair Share Health Care Fund: creates said fund; provides duties of AHCA & Chief Financial Officer; provides employer reporting guidelines; provides reporting guidelines for secretary of AHCA; provides

Florida: HB 813 - Fair Share Health Care Fund

by aflciopolitical
GENERAL BILL by Bucher Fair Share Health Care Fund: Creates the Fair Share Health Care Fund; provides purposes and uses of the fund; provides duties of the Agency for Health Care Administration and the Chief Financial Officer; provides for audit of the

23 February 2006 | 02/15/2006 | Bill calls for firms to pay for care

by aflciopolitical
Unions want a law requiring large companies to spend at least 9 percent of employee earnings on health insurance. BY JOHN DORSCHNER [email protected] The state's largest employers should be responsible for providing their workers with decent

Florida Proposal Modeled After Maryland 'Wal-Mart Law' Introduced

by aflciopolitical
Florida state Sen. Skip Campbell (D) on Tuesday proposed a bill modeled on Maryland's law that requires large employers to spend a certain amount of payroll on health care, the Miami Herald reports. Under the Florida proposal, which is backed by the state

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