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by howtoread
In developed countries, workers and users of chemicals work under security measures and undergo regular health checks. In most countries, chemicals are thrown into the environment: this has serious consequences on the environment and the environment and ecology.


Lights Out America

by lukeslytalker
We are Lights Out America, a grassroots community group now organizing a nationwide energy savings event on Saturday, March 29, 2008. On this night, we invite the entire country, including businesses, city and federal government agencies, s to save energy


The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Study links pollution with warmer oceans

by 3sixtygroup
"We've now learned that the human-induced buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere appears to be the primary driver of increasing hurricane activity,"

冬姨勸人莫Gel頭 - Yahoo! 新聞

by felixlaumon
Quote: 你今日沒有『Gel頭』嗎?」她後來解釋,髮型用的定型喱,部分會釋出揮發物質,要為環保出一分力,同學在日常生活上,也要做個綠色消費者

Marshall Kirkpatrick » is like Digg for eco-types, but hardly used

by marshallkirkpatrick
TreeHugger's new digg clone Hugg should be getting lots of use, but it's not. Why not?

Grannie Green Blog 綠婆婆女書: 膠袋濫發何時方休?

by felixlaumon
Quote: 熱情一過後,結果還是故態復萌。是在什麼關節眼上出了狀況?為何綠林同道前赴後繼,結果都是一樣?


Whiskey Bar: When the Levee Breaks

by multilinko
That's all true -- and it's always worth reminding people of the lunatic fiscal priorities of the Cheney administration and its supporters in the congressional pork chop caucus. But the bigger story behind the drowning of New Orleans is what it reveals about the longer-term consequences of America's lunatic environmental priorities. For nearly 160 years, private industry and governments alike have been chopping and channeling the Mississippi and its tributaries -- turning rivers into drainage ditches, riverbanks into Maginot Line-style fortifications, and wetlands into factory farms. This has created the same self-defeating spiral that doomed New Orleans -- the rivers rise, the riverbanks sink, forcing the levees higher and higher, until some of them are now as tall as four-story buildings.

A Walk in the Woods

by knann
Walk in the Woods is designed for third through fifth grade students to gain an appreciation of nature. Accompanied by audio narration.

Think the Earth || Official site

by nesta
Japanese Site ( ) 世界中から届くニュースの発信から、“地球”がテーマのオンラインショップまで…。


by nesta

WWF Japan

by nesta


by nesta & 3 others
The Global Conservation Organization

International Environmental NGO FoE Japan

by nesta

Ecology Online

by nesta

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