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2008 More Open Source Group Collaboration

by dhiraj is centralized software that collects all of your basic collaboration software, like blogs, wikis, discussion boards, etc.

Contextual Discussions - The most important feature of

by dhiraj
The best thing about collaborating via comments is the fact that the comments always remain attached to the content (or the context) of the stuff that you were working on. Its always search-able and reference-able by any body else that is interested in or joins the team.

Twitter-ing in the Enterprise - are we kidding?

by dhiraj & 1 other (via)
Does the enterprise need another communication tool that lets them publish what they are doing at a given time to people / peers who would be interested in knowing?


BroadBand Mechanics presents People Aggregator

by springnet & 2 others
We’ve designed the PeopleAggregator to lay the groundwork of a foundation platform – we call an Identity Hub. We plan on supporting on major open ID systems to create federated authentication layer.

Five Enterprise 2.0 Startups To Watch -- Web 2.0 -- InformationWeek

by springnet & 1 other
relevance engine pings a user's instant messaging client, calendar, recent call history, and list of important contacts to automatically determine how calls should be handled or what presence information should be displayed to a potential caller.


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