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08 February 2019 05:15

5 Reasons To Use SMTP Relay Service

by arslan220
Bulkresponse SMTP relay service or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a communication standard used to transmit emails across the internet. It simplifies the communication between servers by breaking the email message into categories such that the other server can easily understand. An email message has a sender, a receiver, a message body, and usually a title heading. For a certain email there can be many recipients, but a single, unique sender.

23 January 2019 04:45

Reasons WHY Email Marketing Fails at Times!!

by arslan220
Every day new data is shared about email marketing; sometimes that data creates more confusion than it resolves. However, the same email marketing, when done right, is very effective. If your email marketing efforts are falling flat,

22 January 2019 04:45

5 Emails to Send to Your Customers and How to Send Them

by arslan220
So you have been down the road and already have taken the first step toward by building your contact list, and now you need to send something to your subscribers. But what should that something be? And how that something needs to be delivered? …. If you’re yet to figure out this or how to get the customers’ engagement, here we’ve highlighted the points you need to keep track of, on a regular basis, along with a few other tips that will be helpful in long run.

21 January 2019 05:15


by arslan220
Nevertheless, regardless of the industry you’re in, these key mass email marketing practices have a direct effect on the success rate of your email marketing campaign. Though practices are quite straightforward but they help your business in improving your mass email marketing.

18 January 2019 05:15


by arslan220
Let’s say, you want to send a mass email to your subscribers, without sounding spam. Also, you want your bulk email marketing campaign to be effective as well.

09 January 2019 04:45

Benefits of Email Marketing

by arslan220
Email marketing is a highly valuable tool for all types of marketing. Regardless of all the publicity about the importance of social media marketing, most professionals prefer email marketing to drive the customer engagement to its max. Email marketing is a proven success. Here are the reasons why you need to use an email marketing service.

30 November 2018 14:45

Xmails - Best Email Autoresponder

by equis
Send Unlimited Emails to Unlimited Subscribers - No SMTP Required!

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