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31 March 2006

The Black Road by guede_mazaka

by music2084
Once upon a time, Harry Potter was killed and Voldemort won the war. Things went from bad to worse, and strangely enough, this was even true for those that had supported Voldemort. Nothing in the world was as it should have been.

Beg Me For It by Icarus

by music2084
Ron tells howhe wound up working for the Death Eaters. Then Lucius asksRon for a favour, and life takes a turn for the truly bizarre.

29 March 2006

Hall of Mirrors by ella_bane

by music2084
In the summer before Harry Potter's sixth year, he confronts a frightfully suspicious wizarding world, where friends are strangers, mirrors hide secrets, and enemies become lovers.

22 March 2006

What Separates Us by Amy

by music2084
Harry does something phenomnally stupid in Potions class, and the consquences are farther-reaching than anyone suspects.

13 March 2006

12 March 2006

Sea Change by girlcalledjane

by music2084
Draco has to stay at Grimmauld Place with Harry, Ron, and the gang.

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