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March 2007

Ivan Party!

by jessies_girl
Before there was Borat, there was Ivan Hrvatska. Ivan makes love to the world!

January 2007

December 2006

November 2006

in honor of borat… latka!

by overtimecomedy
hilarious article about the latka/borat similarities from

Find Many Unexpected Scenes from 'Borat'

by andymax3
No matter if 'Best of Borat', 'The South' or Borat's MySpace Profile. Here you can find all Borat related videos, mashups and movies across the most comprehensive video sharing sites and communities until the last details.

October 2006

The real face of Boratstan

by sorin_postelnicu
Oh, Borat has got it all wrong. Everyone I meet is in agreement on this. Kazakhstan's president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, is not a totalitarian dictator; he is only moderately repressive: banning and intimidating opposition parties, jailing the odd journalist, etc. The country's national drink is not horse piss; it is fermented horse milk that merely tastes of piss. And Jew-baiting is not, actually, a national sport. It's more of a hobby, as in the phrase 'You're as tight as a Jew' or the practice of making 'a Jewish phone call' (when you get the other party to call you back on your landline).

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