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Joseph's Blog - RabbitMQ, AMQP gem, and EventMachine

by greut

RabbitMQ 1.6 has an option to set a pre-fetch limit. So we simply set the pre-fetch limit to 1, and our EventMachine loop runs nice and fast now. You'll want to tweak your pre-fetch limit depending on how long it takes to process each message. If you can churn through a hundred messages a second, you probably won't even notice this problem and the prefetching will help you, but if it takes you a few seconds (or minutes) per message, you'll wonder why things aren't popped off the queue for several minutes (or hours).

MRG Messaging

by greut

This book shows you how to write programs for the MRG Messaging component of the Red Hat Enterprise MRG distributed computing platforming using the Apache Qpid API.

Nice intro (with schemas) to AMQP

Rabbits and warrens. - Jason’s .plan

by greut

The goal was simple enough: decouple a particular type of analysis out-of-band from mainstream e-mail processing.

Simple introduction to AMQP using RabbitMQ via Python using py-amqplib and txamqp (on launchpad)

RabbitMQ - Open Source Enterprise Messaging

by greut & 2 others

RabbitMQ is a complete and highly reliable Enterprise Messaging system. The RabbitMQ client libraries and broker daemon can be used together to create an AMQP network, or used individually to bring the benefits of RabbitMQ to established networks.

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