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Zalo DS Blog: 3DS Homebrew Tips and Tricks (II)

by sylvainulg (via)
"In other words, what you really have is an screensize of 240x400" ... ow, yeah. Of course. That makes it possible to flip between left-eye-viewpoint and right-eye viewpoint on a line-by-line basis, rather than at pixel level!


A320 Replique

by PhM
French language site. Home builder cockpit Airbus A320 replica, scale 1. All drawing free download in SketchUp and 3ds files. Plans, electronic montages, sounds, etc.. Beginning of the technical adventure, to follow...


Free 3D Model Collection V1, 3DS format by CGIndia. CG Explorer

by xaxxy
A free collection of 3D models in 3DS format by CGIndia. Includes 3D objects of tables, lamps, ash trays, chairs, skate boards and more.


andré michelle » Blog Archive » AS3 Perspective Texturemapping

by innipukinn (via)
this fucking AS3 parses 3DS files and then recreat them with texture mapping : OMG, WTF ?????????????

3D Studio MAX Discreet News Links Resources - CG Explorer

by xaxxy & 1 other (via)
Latest news about 3D Studio MAX, the 3D Rendering and Modeling Application by Discreet. Links to reviews, books, tutorials, 3d models, updates.

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