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RapidWeaver 4 - Powerful Web Design Software for Mac OS X

by simon_bricolo & 3 others
RapidWeaver is a powerful web design application for Mac OS X. It's based on web standard code and can publish to any FTP server or .Mac / MobileMe

February 2010

Usability & User Experience Testing Tool | Online & Unmoderated | Loop11

by simon_bricolo
Loop11 is an online user experience testing tool, allowing individuals and companies to conduct remote and unmoderated usability tests on any website.

OptimalSort :: Improve the organisation of your site.

by simon_bricolo
OptimalSort is a tool for improving the organisation of your site. Use OptimalSort to find the most effective way to organise and group content on your website. OptimalSort enables you to run online card sorts with minimal fuss. Card sorting is a trusted method for understanding how people think about content. Using OptimalSort you can reach participants anywhere in the world, save hours of manual work and gain immediate insights from results.

Remote UX Tools | Remote Usability

by simon_bricolo
Tools, tips, and tirades about remote usability

January 2010

A comparison of online wireframing / prototyping tools |

by simon_bricolo
Wireframing is an important aspect of web development. A decent wireframe developed at the start of a project can really help to reduce development times further down the road.

New Usability Testing Tool Packs Power and Simplicity

by simon_bricolo
Usabilla offers a fast and simple way to collect feedback on a webpage, wireframe, mock-up or image.

December 2009

Protokit | Konigi

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
Knowledge management and competitive research community for user experience design on the web.

Usabilla Officially Launches | Konigi

by simon_bricolo
Knowledge management and competitive research community for user experience design on the web.

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