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Inner traditions

by borsky23
"Books for the mind, body and spirit" Books on Tarot, herbs, mythology


Zero Point

by borsky23
"Institute for Mystical and Spiritual Science " "The Zero Point hypothesis is that living beings have zero point centres rooted into the grounds of being and that these are associated with the higher dimensional physics and metaphysics of the human heart. Such ideas are found within The Secret Doctrine of H. P. Blavatsky, mystic scholar and founder of Theosophy, within esoteric Judaism and Kabbalah, mystical and Gnostic Christianity, Islam and Sufism,"

Zehm Aloim - Prophet of the Whispering Grove

by borsky23
Not online anymore. New Falcon, Christopher Hyatt etc.

Bibliotheca Arcana

by borsky23 & 1 other
Greek mysteries. Pythagoras, Caducea, rituals, oracles.



by borsky23
"LAShTAL.COM is home of The Aleister Crowley Society. It is a non-commercial and non-partisan website devoted to the legacy of Aleister Crowley and to the impact of Crowley and Thelema on media, news and culture. " Very large site with excellent texts and the main Crowley forum.

William Blake Archive

by borsky23 (via)
Extended links to beautifully scanned zoomable books.

Chaos Magick: an introduction

by borsky23
"Chaos Magick derives primarily from the work of Austin Osman Spare and Peter Carroll in the first and third quarters of the 20th Century respectively." (…) "Carroll, writing soon after the development of Chaos Scientific Theory, was equally influenced by the possibilities of using the language and tools of magick as a means to discover and influence the subatomic interactions of the quantum universe. Carroll also founded the Illuminati of Thanateros (the IOT), an Order of Chaos Magicians. The Order is somewhat controversial in the greater community of Chaos magicians since it is a secretive degreed hierarchy. Secrets, degrees, and hierarchies are often considered to run counter to the Chaos current." This page contains 'Excerpts from Chaos: The Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism by Hakim Bey'.

Chronos Apollonios' Home On Olympus

by borsky23
"Chronos Apollonios advocates science, education, botany, conservation, gardening, herbalism, The Doctrine of Signatures (also known as the Doctrine of Correspondences), alchemy, materialization, free energy, free thought, optimism, skeptical inquiry, magick, paganism, occultism, Palingenics (Palingenesy), Catoptromancy, shopping around for opinions, open mindedness, holding as high as possible an opinion of your predecessors --and their knowledge, skills, values and sensibilities--, treating Star Trek technobabble as reality, charity, the right to life, ressurection, immortality, and harming none, including yourself." Cydonia, Rennes-le-chateau, Aztec rituals… protoblog on geocities. A bit harsh to read because of its olde layout, yet a very large source of spookyness.


ULT Phoenix AZ

by borsky23
Links to theosophical sites and topics

The Hermetic Library -

by borsky23 & 2 others
"The Hermetic Library is the creation of Al Billings and is his attempt to find a place to host his creations and those of others that would not otherwise be available. These creations are, by and large, of a spiritual focus but not the areas of spirituality that you will generally see within the mainstream of American culture." Crowley, Spare, Bey…

The Sacred Texts

by borsky23 (via)
Sepher Yetzirah, Corpus Hermeticum and several others

Internet Sacred Text Archive Home

by borsky23 & 8 others
"Welcome to the largest freely available archive of online books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric on the Internet. The site is dedicated to religious tolerance and scholarship, and has the largest readership of any similar site on the web."

Home Page - Hypnerotomachia Poliphili

by borsky23 & 1 other
"The enigmatic, polyglot Hypnerotomachia Poliphili -- the inspiration for the bestselling novel The Rule of Four -- has fascinated architects and historians since its publication in 1499. Part fictional narrative and part scholarly treatise, richly illustrated with wood engravings, the book is an extreme case of erotic furor, aimed at everything -- especially architecture -- that the protagonist, Poliphilo, encounters in his quest for his beloved, Polia. Among the instances of the book's manifesto-like character is Polia's tirade defending the right of women to express their own sexuality, probably the first sustained argument of this type, which lifts the book's erotic theme from the realm of ribaldry to the more daring one of sexual politics. The Hypnerotomachia Poliphili is one of the most unreadable books ever published. The first inkling of difficulty occurs at the moment one picks up the book and tries to utter its tongue-twisting, practically unpronounceable title. The difficulty only heightens as one flips through the pages and tries to decipher the strange, baffling, inscrutable prose, replete with recondite references, teeming with tortuous terminology, choked with pulsating, prolix, plethoric passages. Now in Tuscan, now in Latin, now in Greek –elsewhere in Hebrew, Arabic, Chaldean and hieroglyphs – the author has created a pandemonium of unruly sentences that demand the unrelenting skills of a prodigiously endowed polyglot in order to be understood. One of the woodcuts the reader comes across early in the book is of an unbridled winged steed, charging headlong at full gallop, ears drawn back, head twisted sideways, bucking the unlucky riders who try in vain to cling to its back and mane. The image might serve as an emblem for the whole work. At times even the most devoted reader cannot help feeling bewildered when looking down in this frenetic, fantastic specimen of whirling linguistic furore, hurling great semantic dust clouds into the air as it kicks and reels and pitches along on its impetuous course."

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