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R.A. Lafferty devotional page

by borsky23
"Reading a Lafferty story is a full body experience. After a few sentences your brain goes into hyperactivity, your belly is aching from laughter and you might need to reach for the aspirin jar soon, because like all good drugs his stories tend to leave you with a headache. "


Ramble House

by borsky23
Harry Stephen Keeler & other loons

Le Paréiasaure Théromorphe

by borsky23
In French. Wonderful. But last post dates from 2005 so probably stopped.

Adventures Unlimited

by borsky23
A treasure trove of the most bizarre books and kooks


by borsky23 & 1 other
Self-publishing. Large catalog of very personal books.

Les éditions Hermaphrodite

by borsky23
In French. Outsider art, visonary art, cult fiction

Inner traditions

by borsky23
"Books for the mind, body and spirit" Books on Tarot, herbs, mythology

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