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December 2008

Common Web Project Conversion Issues and Solutions

by ms_michel (via)
Reviews both Visual Studio 2005 Web project and ASP.NET 2.0 framework changes that affect Web project conversion, and then discusses common issues and solutions for converting using Visual Studio 2005


by ms_michel
A simple blog engine written using ASP.NET MVC

Working with .NET 1.1 in Visual Studio 2008 (and Team Server)

by ms_michel
Explique comment utiliser Visual Studio 2008 pour travailler avec des applications qui tournent sous .NET 1.1


by ms_michel (via)
A simple, strongly-typed, extensible UI framework based on the W3C XForms spec. It provides a base set of form controls that allow updating of any complex model object, even complex nested lists. It uses clean, semantic HTML and a fluent, lamba-based API.

Ubiquity Hosting

by ms_michel & 2 others
Hébergeur Mono : ASP.NET 1.1 et 2.0

Paramétrages initiaux des pools d'applications IIS6

by ms_michel
Quelques recommandations/explications pour le paramétrage initial (manuel ou automatisé) des pools d'applications ASP.NET sur les serveurs IIS6

November 2008

ASP.NET MVC on IIS 6 Walkthrough

by ms_michel
A definitive guide to getting ASP.NET MVC running on IIS 6


by ms_michel (via)
Utilitaire (avec les sources .NET2) pour sauvegarder dans un compte GMail.

Preventing Double Form Posts

by ms_michel (via)
Un truc tout simple pour désactiver tous les boutons d'une page une fois qu'un post a été exécuté.

Comparing ASP.NET Web Services to WCF Based on Development

by brianwaustin (via)
Outlines the basic differences between the two. Gives a developer a better idea of when to use WCF and when not to.

October 2008

Exposing a WCF Service With Multiple Bindings and Endpoints

by brianwaustin (via)
Windows Communication Foundation (henceforth abbreviated as WCF) supports multiple bindings that allows developers to expose their services in a variety of ways. What this means is a developer can create a service once and then expose it to support net.tcp:// or http:// and various versions of http:// (Soap1.1, Soap1.2, WS*, JSON, etc). This can be useful if a service crosses boundaries between intranet and extranet applications for example. This article walks through the steps to configure a service to support multiple bindings with Visual Studio 2008 and the .Net 3.5 framework. For those that want to jump directly to the sample solution it can be found at the end of this article.

Microsoft Web Platform Installer

by ms_michel & 1 other (via)
The Web Platform Installer Beta (Web PI) provides a single, free package for installing and configuring Microsoft's entire Web Platform, including IIS7, Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition, SQL Server 2008 Express Edition and the .NET Framework.

Instrumentation: Powerful Instrumentation Options in .NET Let You Build Manageable Apps with Confidence

by brianwaustin (via)
Instrumentation allows you to determine the running state of a system once it has been deployed. This is crucially important today since the people supporting systems are unlikely to be the same people who developed them. Like good error handling, instrumentation is best done at development time. A sound instrumentation policy must be established at the beginning of the development process to determine what should be instrumented, why, where, and how.

Support Visual Studio .NET 2003

by ms_michel
Fin de la phase principale de support aujourd'hui et entrée dans la phase d'extension de support jusqu'au 8 octobre 2013

Support .NET Framework 1.1

by ms_michel
Fin de la phase principale de support aujourd'hui et entrée dans la phase d'extension de support jusqu'au 8 octobre 2013

Migration des applications Web (ou pas) vers .NET 3.5

by ms_michel, 1 comment
Méthode pour migrer de .NET 2 à .NET 3.5 avec explications sur les points à vérifier, les problèmes rencontrés et comment les résoudre.

When to use the ASP.NET MVC Framework

by ms_michel
Comparatif entre les architectures WebForms et MVC

Coming Soon: Amazon EC2 With Windows

by ms_michel (via)
Héberger des applications ASP.NET sur Amazon EC2

September 2008

REST Web Services in ASP.Net 2.0 (c#)

by ms_michel
This article describes how to cheat your way to an elegant url REST web service.

jQuery and Microsoft

by ms_michel & 1 other

I'm excited today to announce that Microsoft will be shipping jQuery with Visual Studio going forward. We will distribute the jQuery JavaScript library as-is, and will not be forking or changing the source from the main jQuery branch. The files will continue to use and ship under the existing jQuery MIT license.


by ms_michel (via)
A library that enable any ASP.NET website to produce and consume semantic markup such as FOAF, APML, SIOC, XFN and microformats.

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