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09 August 2004

08 August 2004

no rules street photography

by sweethell
seems like from the beginning of time, even before Niepce produced the first photographic image, many artists chose to follow the same politically correct path, forming the rules of arts...

ThinkGeek :: WTF? Babydoll Tee

by sweethell
Well, it's not always possible to speak your mind on the Internet. So cyber-culture has developed a whole new way to curse and blaspheme without necessarily conjuring up the negativity associated with the whole phrases themselves.

ThinkGeek :: HTTPanties

by sweethell
If you've ever run across a "403 Forbidden" error on a web site, it means you've either stumbled onto the wrong page, or you've been snooping where you shouldn't be!

ThinkGeek :: I\'m blogging this Babydoll Tee

by sweethell
Ladies, put the world on notice. It's unlikely that you'll actually see anyone overtly change their behavior lest they be blogged, but you'll certainly shake up a paranoid few.

ThinkGeek :: SQL query Tee

by sweethell
Too bad you cant use SQL queries in the real world.

ThinkGeek :: There\'s no place like Tee

by sweethell
Feeling homesick? Spend too much time in Oz fixing other people's computer problems? Just close your eyes, click your heels, don this fine t-shirt and all your troubles will flow by the wayside just like those luser files piped into /dev/null.

ThinkGeek :: Binary People Tee

by sweethell
Do you enjoy watching the desperately puzzled faces of your co-workers day in and day out? Then we are sure you'll enjoy being the source of their frustrations as you stride down the flourescent hallways with this fine koan of a t-shirt...

ThinkGeek :: you are dumb v1.0

by sweethell
When your clueless friend asks you, "what the heck does your shirt say?", you can respond truthfully..."you are dumb".

IHS :: The Institute for Humanist Studies

by sweethell
The Institute for Humanist Studies promotes nonreligious perspectives on social, political, and ethical issues and serves as a resource for and about the humanist community.

07 August 2004

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