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August 2009

Leo on the Loose: DIY: One-of-a-kind Trip Map gift

by blackgoldfish
"Have you taken the trip of a lifetime? Know someone who has? Remember that special time with a one-of-a-kind personal trip map! Relatives of mine just returned from a two week visit to Italy. To help them remember their journey, I created these personal maps."

May 2009


by blackgoldfish
這篇教大家如何裡用旅行蒐集的地圖、票根再結合我們旅行所拍攝的影像作品, 製作出具有特別意義,又有獨特創意的「回憶旅行箱」。 準備材料: 1. 準備沖洗或列印好的4x6相片約10張 2. 盒子or 紙板(盒子可以找木片便當盒也可以是糖果盒) 3. 旅行地區地圖、DM 4. 色卡紙一張 5. 紙膠帶 or 重複黏貼黏土 準備工具: 1. 美工刀 2. 切割墊 3. 膠水、相片膠 4. 鉛筆、橡皮擦

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