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28 November 2006 23:45

Exstora 小巧的日程安排及记事软件

by chenjing (via)
Exstora 是一款免费且文件小巧的行事历及记事软件,虽然 Outlook 内也有行事历及记事功能,但它开启的速度绝对不如 Exstora 来得快,虽然 Exstora 是免费软件,但其功能可一点也不含糊,如果你常常需要行事历或是记事功能的话,免费又小巧的 Exstora 或许会是一个很不错的选择 A tool for saving notes, ideas, passwords and scheduled events in a two mouse click. The category system will let you keep your records ordered, and the password protection system will hide the private data.

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