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December 2006

Cocolico — Design that makes sense

by sbrothier & 1 other
Cocolico is a design magazine, with an insanely preference for crazy, smart ideas that won't spoil environment. Here, you will meet some products, sometimes internationally aclaimed, that could land one day in your home. We also report innovative and environmental friendly concepts.

Qui n'en veut des chips ?

by sbrothier
A cargo container that apparently fell from a ship washed up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Thursday and spilled thousands of bags of Doritos brand tortilla chips on the beach. People collected the chips, which were apparently still fresh due to their airtight packaging. It was unknown which ship had lost the cargo or to what port it was bound.

September 2006

TreeHuggerTV - How To Buy A Green Sex Toy

by sbrothier
Woooooaaaaahhhh! This week TreeHuggerTV refreshes parts that other vlogs cannot reach by getting up close and intimate with your personal toys. So you eat organic veggies, drive a hybrid, and use eco-friendly detergent? What about sex toys? Make sure you are sitting comfortably to learn about what chemicals you may be taking to bed with you. Do you dare to go green between your organic sheets? TreeHuggerTV gets the sweet lowdown with a report inspired by writer Emily Gertz. The phthalates found in traditional sex toys can cause cancer, damage our reproductive systems, impair sperm, and damage the planet. Watch the vox pops in the streets as people realise that the objects they’ve been using to pleasure themselves and their partners might have longer terms effects on their bodies than they wanted. Carolyn Riccardi, Education Coordinator at Babeland, gives us a tour of PVC-free green sex toys that keep us sexy and healthy. Love the earth while you make love!


by sbrothier
renourish is a resource for the graphic design industry. Specifically, renourish offers definitions, tips, links, information and inspiration to aid in the development of a sustainable and more environmentally conscious graphic design craft.

EcoGeek - Home

by sbrothier
Technology can be a force for evil, or for awesome. Those who shun the tech are just as guilty as those who ignore the environment. There's a safe balance, where the awesome can help nature as much as it helps us have a good time and live easier lives. EcoGeek devotes its pages to exploring the symbiosis between nature and technology. If you're interested in that, then stop by, and stop by often.

August 2006

Pop-Sci Core77 Design Challenge

by sbrothier
Core77 has joined forces with Popular Science, the world's largest science magazine, to periodically challenge industrial designers to incorporate cutting-edge technology and science into design solutions that address everyday problems and spot emerging opportunities. Each challenge will have a single theme, a brief, a deadline, and a chance for winners to have their designs published in Popular Science magazine and on the and Core77 Websites. In addition, there is a $500 prize or technology prize of similar value (at minimum).

Western Wind Energy Viral Video Contest : Oil sucks, Wind blows !

by sbrothier (via)
We all know that oil sucks, and everybody knows that the wind blows. Show us what "Wind Blows" means to you and you can win 10 large!

February 2006

Treehugger: Sustainable Sex Toys: Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

by sbrothier
For treehuggers, it can be hard to get through the day without guilty, pre-occupied micro-decisions. You might regretfully take a cab rather than the bus, or grab Styrofoam take-away instead of just sitting down and eating from a plate. In the bedroom, it can be an accomplishment to wade through all of the cultural pollutants and just enjoy ambivalence-free pleasures. So, once you’ve happily integrated one into your life, who wants to worry about a carcinogenic dildo? Or non-biodegradable paddles whose ultimate punishment will mean an eternity of landfill stink? Not sexy. We have assembled an array of toys and info for you and your partner(s) in crime! Be sure and let us know what we’ve missed.

January 2006

Treehugger: Easy homemade soap

by sbrothier
I have been trying to figure out why no one knows how to do anything anymore. We can’t understand, let alone repair, most of the gadgets we use everyday. We increasingly eat packaged and pre-prepared food; even organic food often comes wrapped in plastic. We don’t know how to grow tomatoes, can peaches, hem pants, or build fences.

December 2005

Magenn Power Inc. - Home

by sbrothier & 1 other
The Magenn Power Air Rotor System (MARS) is an innovative lighter-than-air tethered device that rotates about a horizontal axis in response to wind, efficiently generating clean renewable electrical energy at a lower cost than all competing systems. Guide Gear 16 LED Rechargeable Spotlight: Sports & Outdoors

by sbrothier
The Guide Gear 16 LED Rechargeable Spotlight. Recharge with crank, truck or wall power... everything is included! Never be left with a dead Spotlight again. You won't believe how handy this baby is... the sealed 6V lead acid battery recharges three different ways.

Tree2mydoor UK - Natural Tree Gifts and Wild Flower Gifts

by sbrothier
The UK's Award Winning tree gifts company. Looking for a unique gift idea? Surprise friends and family or business associates with tree2mydoor's unique gift ideas. Our natural tree gifts and wild flower gifts are perfect for every special gift occasion. Why send flowers... Make giving special with natural tree gifts and wild flower gifts to grow for years of lasting memories.

Stirling Engine

by sbrothier
The Stirling engine was invented in 1816, before the gasoline and Diesel engines. A Stirling engine can use any type of fuel, as well as solar energy and hot spring heat. This web site offers Stirling engine information. Please enjoy these pages.

November 2005

Welcome to Enlux Lighting.

by sbrothier
The enLux LED R30 Floodlight is a drop-in replacement for 45W and 65W incandescent floodlights and is available in both 120V and 220V. You simply open the box and screw in the bulb! The R30 is available in three white tones: warm, neutral and cool; and four color tones: red, green, blue and amber. It is also available with a variety of fin colors to work with any décor.

C. Crane Company, Inc.

by sbrothier
For nearly 30 years, C. Crane has been a hometown company with a hometown way of doing business. That means we take the time to listen to our customers, and enjoy hearing your feedback on our radios, flashlights, garden tools — anything in our catalog. We cherish your trust and confidence in our staff and in our products, and we look forward to sharing with you some of the best things we’ve found — and even designed — to enhance your lives. We hope you enjoy reading our catalog, and encourage you to browse our newly updated Web site to see what’s new . We look forward to serving you.

Dynamo® Hand-Powered Flashlight - Lee Valley Tools

by sbrothier
This is one flashlight that will never cause you to worry about batteries going dead, leaking into the casing or being affected by heat or cold. It works based on the dynamo principle that was first discovered by Michael Faraday in 1831.

LightCap - Solar powered LED Light & Watter Bottle

by sbrothier
Introducing the solar powered LightCap™, the water bottle with a light in the lid. The LightCap is the brightest idea you’ve ever seen.

October 2005

Welcome to Smile, the internet bank

by sbrothier
Vainqueur pour la troisième année consécutive du "Ethical Internet Banking". They guarantee that your money will not be invested in any businesses which fail on Environmental, Human, and Animal Rights Issues, or that are involved in the Arms Trade, the development of GM foods, or tobacco products. Furthermore they actively seek to invest in Fair Trade and labor rights organizations, as well as those companies involved in renewable energies and ecological sustainability.

The Disinvestment Campaign

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
There are many types of alternatives to World Bank bonds as well as to current economic thinking. Below you will find some basic starting points for exploring these ideas.

Free Soil

by sbrothier
Free Soil is an international collective of artists that seeks to make projects that reveal social, political, cultural and environmental relationships. We believe art can be a catalyst for social awareness and change.

North South East West »

by sbrothier
NorthSouthEastWest tells the story of these places; ice-caps, mega-cities, rice fields, townships, islands, forests and much more. It deals with the threats that millions face to their food supplies, fresh water, health, culture and even the existence of their countries. But it also details a range of solutions that may stave off the worst of the crisis. There are big and small ideas, some simple, others technically complex, but all part of the battle to stop climate change getting out of hand.


by sbrothier
XsunX, Inc. is developing Power Glass™ – an innovative solar energy technology that allows glass windows to produce electricity from the power of the sun. XsunX is leveraging its portfolio of patents, and developing new technologies

Plastic from plants

by sbrothier
It's a versatile and functional as traditional plastic. It even looks and feels like traditional plastic. But that's where the similarities end.

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