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June 2006

Powerhouse Museum Collection

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House supplies search and tag. This folksonomy is being tested to learn how the general public and museum users might help classify objects for each other - without the rigid structures of traditional museological taxonomies.

Powerhouse Museum Collection

Social search + tag gadgaets and hous supplies. This folksonomy is being tested to learn how the general public and museum users might help classify objects for each other - without the rigid structures of traditional museological taxonomies.

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Gift tag things you want & have. Find other people with similar tastes and find great gift ideas for your friends and family. Best of all, it's FREE

Tezaa - Wisdom of Many

Wisdom of many. Tezaa Project, a non-profit, online community that is driven by polls. Any member can create, modify and participate in a poll. It aggregates public perception and opinions allowing everyone to benefit from information sharing.

May 2006


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Tag friends and associates to create contextual relationships. Combine your blog, photo hosting, and RSS feeds. Promote yourself and discover people with similar interests. Start by creating an account or logging in with TypeKey, searching by tag, or expl

Semanlink - Semanlink Home Page

Semanlink is a personal information management system based on RDF. It lets you add tags, as well as other RDF metadata, to files, bookmarks and short text notes that it allows to write. Providing a simple way to organize the tags in a graph, it allows yo


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litic is a new way to manage, tag and find RSS, XML and ATOM feeds.

Jarrod Trainque » Blog Archive » Turning Wordpress into a tag-based blogging application

Summary: How to forego categories and date-based archives and turn your Wordpress-powered blog into a tag-based blogging system. Like, but a blog.

adaptiveblue home

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Firefox extension that let's you bookmark and tag localy with sychonization between multiple computers.

openomy: We've Launched!

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Openomy is an online file system. You can store files on Openomy and access them from any computer. Openomy organizes files and users via tags (as opposed to folders). You can choose to keep your files guarded by Openomy, or allow certain outside applications (of your choice) to do new and interesting things with your data. well it's semi-social.


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Delicious style rss reader

by 1 other searches the web and ranks results from the leading search result sources. You’ll be getting the best combined results from industry leading engines like Google, Yahoo! Search, and MSN. Using more search engines means a better overall coverage of the Web.

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simple text based forum with tags

April 2006

Map Builder::Rapid mashup development tool for Google and Yahoo maps!

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An excellent resource to get started with Google or Yahoo maps. Let's you tag locations and publish it.

Mashup Feed

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All the data you see here is drawn from the Mashup and API databases at ProgrammableWeb. Here it's a bit more concise and mashup-focused.

Adoppt: Make Friends, Have Fun

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Adoppt is a community of online friends, diaries and journals, answers, bookmarks, photos... with tags and some ajax effects. It's very quick!

fluxiom - capture, manage, access and deliver content across your enterprise

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fluxiom makes it easy to organize and share your digital assets within your company, your colleagues and friends. Nice design with simple features, basic account is 9$ : <a href="">fluxiom</a> : Family Pictures Made Easy

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Amiglia is focused on family networks, tying the visual family tree with an online photo album. The site includes a family calendar, birthday reminders, mp3 uploads for slideshows, integrated mapping and powerful photo tagging.

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