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August 2006


Create mashups and web applications using our open source visual builder tool and integrated SQL database


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Small flash app lets users write short stories, get auto-generated illustrations from Flickr photos, and play around with the results. Nicely done.

Color Fields Colr Pickr

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Online Flash color picker using Flickr photos


Flickr photos + Yahoo! Maps. Click on a city to see your Flickr contacts and then hover over icons to get details.

Flickrmap - get a flash world map of your flickr photos

by 21 others is a web service that allows you to put a flash based world map on your own website or blog. It searchs your Flickr photos and plots the ones tagged with places, with EXIF or geotagged. - Create a custom digg feed in seconds

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Custom mixed digg categories and sub-categories feed generator.

July 2006

Spell with flickr

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Like it says, spell with flickr photos

fd's Flickr Toys

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a growing collection of Flickr tools, badges, slideshows, mozaic, capitonier...

egoWalk: Flickr Photos & Yahoo! Maps

Your Favorite Flickr Photographers On A Yahoo! Map


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A very cool Flash-based badge that allows you to display your Flickr photo stream.


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Online image processor, let's you login using your Flickr account.


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Lets'y ou search flickr, Youtube and Yahoo and also has a dashboard widget for macs.

June 2006

Service from Platial that pulls together the best News, Photos, Videos, Events and Places from all over the web. Now you can get real-time local updates automatically delivered through RSS or KML

May 2006


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floverview gives you a comprehensive one-page view of any Flickr member.

Feel The Force

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Ajax search engine with keyword suggestion, searches flickr or Yahoo, web, images, videos, news. Has a mobile version

MGeocoder: A Geocoding Google Maps API Extention

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The Google Maps API lacks a Geocoder. This extension integrates free geocoders, for non-commercial use, directly into Google Maps.


TagLand is an experiment in tag-based content aggregation. It lets you browse content from various sites that use tag-based taxonomies. Currently it displays content via sites like, furl, flickr, buzznet, technorati and more.

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Flickr photo email notification service

Flickr Groups Browser

Flickr Group Browser: explore the relationships between Flickr groups

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