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October 2009 - Online Whiteboard Collaboration

CoSketch is a multi-user online whiteboard designed to give you the ability to quickly visualize and share your ideas as images. Anything you paint will instantly show up for all other connected users. -One click to save an image permanently (bb- and html-codes automaticly generated for simple posting on forums or on your blog).

1-click Award

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one click flash art fun stuff

September 2009

FunFacer - Make Your Own Fun!

let you create a photo mashup. In this specific case, by using it you can create your own funny images by uploading a picture, doing the necessary adjustments and choosing in which picture you want your face to be plastered, and where. Read more:


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Hunch asks you 10 questions or less, some about what you need or want and some about who you are. Like a human expert, Hunch chooses questions intelligently and adapts them depending on how you answer.

June 2009

Twurn | Home

decides who's turn it is - enter decision names and what to do


Scribbler takes simple vector based input (in the case of the online toy, your drawing) and creates its own drawing on top of it based on a number of simple rules. When a new scribble line is created it chooses a few numbers at random that eventually determine what sort of line it will draw. As it begins to draw it fine tunes those values to the type of drawing that you've made. Certain scribbles are better at following straight paths, others are better at outlining curves, and others are better for filling in large areas of color. Because there is randomness built into the program, each scribble is unique.

Mai'Nada - Comics Sketch - Social Comic Artists

Online animation community, draw humor sketches and comic strips. - The Game of Miscommunication - Home

text explain it > draw explain it > text explain it > draw explain it > ... Some are hilarious!

May 2009

Neave is my personal interactive playground

April 2009

Living Sasquatch

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Digital hologram. Living Sasquatch takes user-generated content to the next level and marries it with social networking by allowing users to control a virtual Sasquatch and share their interaction with friends.

life : Built with Processing

reproducing virtual bugs Annotated link

ze's page :: Interactive Toys

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Annotated link

voice_draw_beta ::

image is generated by your voice/speech


Created to appeal to a new generation of innovative minds, the exhibition is the result of a ‘cracking idea’ – a partnership between Aardman Animations, the Science Museum and the Intellectual Property Office. Visitors will interact with all kinds of clever and quirky exhibits as they are taken on a tour of 62 West Wallaby Street, Wallace and Gromit’s famous terraced home. Exhibits include innovative and patented objects from the Museum's own collection, as well as some of Wallace and Gromit’s mind-boggling creations like the Tellyscope II, the Piella Propellor and the Blend-o-Matic. Wallace and Gromit will also be calling on visitors to use their ideas to help power a brand new invention of theirs, the Thinking Cap - top secret at the moment, with patent pending.

March 2009

Redefine the dictionary - wordia

Think of a word, recored a video defining your word, upload

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