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November 2008

Is Fringe’s Olivia Hallucinating in ‘Dreamscape’?

In “Dreamscape,” the Fringe team must solve the mystery of the killer butterflies. But the case is secondary to what is really going on in the lives of the team.

Fringe’s Walter Faces His Fears in ‘Equation’

In last night’s Fringe, “The Equation,” Walter Bishop had to face one of his greatest fears - returning to the mental hospital where he was locked up for 17 years. But just what was he afraid of?

Does Fringe’s Broyles Trust Olivia in ‘Meet Mr. Jones’

In the latest episode of Fringe, ”In Which We Meet Mr. Jones,” Olivia is working on another Pattern case when she comes across a connection to past cases. When she asks Broyles about it, he tells her that there’s a lot about the Pattern that she doesn’t know. So tell her already!

October 2008

What Drives Fringe’s Agent Olivia Dunham in ‘The Cure’?

Most days on Fringe start out as bad days for the agents given the nature of the cases they investigate. But on “The Cure,” Agent Olivia Dunham is having a particularly bad day.

John Scott Returns to Guide Fringe’s Olivia in ‘Power Hungry’

In “Power Hungry,” Olivia is guided by her dead boyfriend - turn traitor - in her quest to find a man with serious electricity issues. It makes you wonder if anyone is really dead on Fringe.

‘The Arrival’ of the Observer Brings New Mysteries on Fringe

As if Walter isn’t enough of a character, we meet someone even more unusual than him on tonight’s episode of Fringe. “The Arrival” marks the arrival of two mysteries - the metal cylinder and The Observer (Michael Cerveris).

September 2008

What is the Mystery Behind Fringe’s Peter Bishop?

On the outside Fringe’s Peter Bishop seems like a nice guy pitching in to help solve the mystery behind The Pattern. But there’s a lot about him that we don’t know and I think he’s hiding a mystery of his own – or maybe two.

Is Nina Fringe’s Cigarette Smoking Man?

It’s a good thing I’ve already had my children because the opening scene of Fringe’s “The Same Old Story” was freaky enough for me to never want to be pregnant again.

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