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01 May 2008 03:30

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Resources This section will provide many resources for the OpenFX community, such as sample models, animation files, tutorials and other tips and tricks. * Tutorials * Plugin libraries * Shortcut references * Image map packages * Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Tutorials We now have a new tutorial section that will be filled with step by step instructions for using OpenFX to create your blockbuster animation. You can also download them as printer-friendly PDFs below: * OpenFX 2.0 Manual [pdf] * OpenFX 2.0 Tutorial [pdf] Plugin libraries The plugin library repository is now up. This contains a list of plugins available which can be installed to enhance the feature set of OpenFX. Note that these are all optional. For a list of plugins included in the official OpenFX distribution, please visit the plugins page. Shortcut references A description of the shortcut keys available in OpenFX has been kick-started by Keith Kelly. These describe what keys are bound to actions in OpenFX and how they are affected by the Shift, Alt and Ctrl modifier keys. Image map packages Our image map packages contain image maps useful for your animations and models. Image maps are images placed on the surface of polygons to add detail without increasing the computation that has to be performed when rendering an image.

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