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22 June 2009 16:30

Creating a Mac-on-Stick using Mini vMac [LinuxBeacon]

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Figure 1: It’s a Mac-on-Stick! For this project, let’s call it Mac-on-Stick, you need the following components: * The Mini vMac emulator. The emulator is available for both Mac OS (Classic and OS X), Windows, Linux, and even Pocket PC. * A ROM image. If you own Macintosh Plus, 128K, or SE, you can copy the ROM using the CopyRoms utility. Alternatively, you can download a ROM image from * A blank disk image that acts as the emulator’s hard disk (available from * System software. Luckily, Apple offers older versions of its software, including Mac OS up to version 7.5.5, at the Older Software Downloads page. This project uses System 7.0.1 * Macintosh software to play with. For starters, you might want to check out a list of older Mac software at Mini vMac's website. * A USB key (even an older 32MB USB key will do the job).

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Home » Applications » Operating Systems Mac-on-Stick mac_on_stick_small.pngMac-on-Stick is a project that explains how to load Mac OS Classic 7.0.1 onto a portable device using the minivmac emulator. It takes a few steps and is more appropriate for the technically-minded, but is quite an interesting experiment. Mac-on-Stick Homepage ‹ Operating Systems up Utilities › » * ShareThis

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Home » Applications Operating Systems Linux * Coming soon... Mac * Mac-on-Stick - Run Mac OS Classic 7 portably * Mac-on-Stick ‹ Task Coach Portable up Mac-on-Stick › » * ShareThis