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10 June 2009 01:30

Michael Sturgeon | Scribd

Michael.Sturgeon Cleveland, TN PhD Candidate (obsessing over it) I love to spend time traveling overseas. My favorite country so far is Ukraine. As odd as that sounds, I had to move there. As a Fulbright Senior Scholar I lived in Ukraine for six months as visiting lecturer during 2004 (time of the Orange Revolution)

10 June 2009 01:15

A Guide to Inkscape - Web Site

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Comments are welcomed. Send to tavmjong .at. free .dot. fr The Guide - Web Multiple versions are available: * For Inkscape 0.46. Other languages: Español, Français, Italian * For Inkscape 0.45.1 * For Inkscape 0.44.1. Other languages: Dutch * For Inkscape 0.43 For changes between Inkscape versions see: * 0.46 Release notes. * 0.45 Release notes. * 0.44 Release notes. Note on translating the guide.

16 August 2008 06:45

31 March 2008 08:30


Disciplina TIC - 9.º ano * Programa [PDF, 227 KB] * Legislação [PDF, 102 KB] * Orientações Curriculares (documento e forum de discussão no moodle CRIE ) - [entrada como "Visitante/Guest"] * Ligações Úteis ► Quadros Interactivos na Educação ► Área de Projecto 8º ano / e-portfolio ► As TIC nos JI e nas EB1 ► Aplicações gratuitas úteis para o ensino * Lista de aplicações gratuitas * Inkscape (manual) * GIMP (manual) ► Alinex para as Salas TIC ► CBTIC@EB1

31 January 2008 05:45

Fill and Stroke Paint

There are a number of different options for the Fill and Stroke paint of an object. Examples of the different options are shown below. The use of these options for the Fill and the Stroke paint is basically the same, so we'll use the word fill to talk about both at the same time.

The Anatomy of the Inkscape Window

he Anatomy of the Inkscape Window Start by opening Inkscape.[3] You will see a single window. This window contains several major areas, many containing clickable icons or pull-down menus. The following figure shows this window and labels key parts.

27 January 2008 00:00


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