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July 2008

DebianEdu/Software - Debian Wiki

Debian Wiki * DebianEdu * Software Wiki * FrontPage * RecentChanges * FindPage * HelpContents * DebianEdu/Software Página * Página Não Editável * Informações * Anexos * Usuário * Login Software Skolelinux software overview, and links to other web sites that will help you find the software you need. Please, help us to complete this page. We need a quick overview about free educational software. If you like to work continuosly, please subscribe this page to be informed on changes automatical

March 2008

October 2007

September 2007

Infodrom Projects -- gui-apt-key

This package provides a graphical frontend to the apt-key program which is used to maintain digital keys for the Debian archive since etch. It is meant as a utility to help administrators not used to GnuPG and digital signatures. The program provides a means to fetch digital keys from a commonly used keyserver and add them to the internal keyring. A lot of complexity is hidden behind an easy to use interface. Please send comments, patches and good ideas to Joey Schulze.

June 2007

Debian HelpContents

HelpContents Here is a tour of the most important help pages: HelpForBeginners - if you are new to wikis HelpOnNavigation - explains the navigational elements on a page HelpOnPageCreation - how to create a new page, and how to use page templates HelpOnUserPreferences - how to make yourself known to the wiki, and adapt default behaviour to your taste HelpOnEditing - how to edit a page HelpOnActions - tools that work on pages or the whole site HelpMiscellaneous - more details, and a FAQ section