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19 July 2007

Window Managers for X: Metacity

Metacity is a lightweight window manager written by Havoc Pennington from Red Hat. The first version was 2.3, which was released in 2001. It is implemented with the GTK 2.x toolkit, and so integrates well with the GNOME 2.x platform. In fact the intention is to remove the traditional separation between window manager and desktop, and present to the user a single desktop interface. This means that the limited configuration options available for Metacity are shown as desktop options, not as Metacity options (although there is an optional "Metacity-setup" panel which conflicts with this approach).

13 July 2007

Fluxbox FAQ

1. What is the "Slit"? 2. How do I make my menus transparent? 3. I've set a transparency value, but nothing is transparent?! 4. How do I add fluxbox to my KDM sessions menu. 5. How do I add fluxbox to my GDM sessions menu. 6. How do I add fluxbox to my sessions menu in Fedora. 7. How do I set my background? 8. HEEEEEEEEELLLPPPPP! I don't understand Tabs! 9. Why does my application (e.g. xmms, mplayer) pause when I move a window? 10. I keep hearing about these Artwiz fonts! What gives? 11. Is there a way to have slit dockapps be in a certain order? 12. How do I change the toolbar Time format? 13. How do i launch apps automatically on Fluxbox startup? 14. All right, so how do I lay out my script? 15. Is there another way to do things? 16. Can I have an example of these startup files? 17. I make changes to my ~/.fluxbox/init, but they are gettingoverwritten. 18. Can I use my existing .blackboxrc for Fluxbox? 19. Can I use blackbox styles (themes) with Fluxbox? 20. How about Waimea and Openbox themes? 21. Is there KDE support? 22. Is there GNOME support? 23. BBtools won't copy my current style settings, even after restart! 24. Gtk2/Gnome2 applications look wired under Fluxbox, but they look ok when gnome is started 25. How to make cool terminal? 26. How to display logs on root window? 27. Where can see examples of dotfiles (configuration files)? 28. Fluxbox 0.9.6 is slow.... 29. How can I put Fluxbox logo onto slit? 30. Where can I find Fluxbox logo (and graphics, icons, banners, etc?)

fluxbox sourceforge documentation

Fluxbox documentation Fluxbox documentation is maintained in DocBook format which makes it easy to convert it to a plethora of formats. If you don't have the DocBook tools, we provide a selection of formats for your convenience. If you'd prefer something we don't have here, let me know.

17 June 2007

fluxbox themes

Here is the section were you'll be able to get the latest spiffy fluxbox themes as well as the ones that is shipped in the tarball (if you somehow lost or removed them). Submit Fluxbox Themes Please, do not send us themes you made anymore. Instead submit them at Default Fluxbox Styles Artwiz, Carbondioxide, CleanColor, Flux, MerleyKay, Nyz, Outcomes, Rancor, Shade, TDF, qnx-photon, Blue, Clean, Cthulhain, Makro, Minimal, Operation, Rampage, Results, Spiff, Twice :download / 7.93 KB